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Measured Floor Plans

The measured floor plan is a two-dimensional (2D) drawing showing the existing condition of the building.

It also includes walls, beams, windows, doors, stairs, levels and heights, etc. This types of survey consists measuring the floor plan of an existing structure such as apartment, house or any other property and then creating a drawing of the measured structure, which is based upon the collected measurements. The context is to provide a high level of detail, ensuring all elements of the building are captured and can be considered within the project. We provide many different types of floor plans, ranging from a simple sketch plan suitable for marketing, to a full measured survey to be used by an architect for re-design. The examples show variety, of the floor plans we are able to produce.

We deliver highly accurate scale plan produced in CAD include as much, or as little detail as required. You can upgrade these plans and add additional items and information including electrical points (lighting, switches, sockets), fittings such as sanitary-ware, furniture and radiators.

We use 3D laser scanners, total stations and many other digital tools, but the level of details is adjusted to the client requirements. All data from the survey is extracted into right software and provided in a digital or hard copy (on request).

The survey information is available in digital CAD file formats. The supplied CAD file formats are ‘.dwg’ and ‘.dxf’ and they are compatible with many other CAD software such as AutoCAD, GstarCAD, SketchUp, 3DMax, Vectorworks, ZWCAD+, BricsCAD, etc.

Measured floor plan drawings are set out at 1:100 scale (A4 or A3 sheet). Units used in producing the drawings are millimetres at a scale of 1:1 rounded to the nearest centimetre.

We pride itself on the quality of our drawings and this is clearly demonstrated with the high level of details and standards. If you are on the lookout for measured survey drawings of your property, you’re in the right place.

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