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3D Laser Scanning

For highly accurate and fast on-site and off-site data collection we offer 3D laser scanning.

It is advanced, fast, non-contact, accurate and non-destructive and automated way to capture the exact size and shape of a physical object in the form of a digital three-dimensional representation. The shape of the object looks like millions of points that are instantly captured by a line of laser light from laser probe. The laser line is projected onto the surface while 2 sensor cameras record shape of the laser line and the changing distance as it moves along the object. The process is very fast, the scanner collects up to 50,000 points /s and is very precise at the same time. These points can then be used to extrapolate the shape of the subject and used to generate a digital 3D representation of this object shape.

Compared to traditional measurement methods, the laser scanning survey quickly provides highly accurate measurements also being one of the latest, fastest and advanced technology ensures precise measurements, regardless of the environment, compensating for instability, vibration and thermal variation.

Surround 3D Scanning is fully automated and can easily be integrated in-process. Providing 3D laser scanning technology, additionally using total stations and other surveying instruments we produce accurate measurements and then precise CAD drawings.

We can offer massive experience in surveying from small residential homes to large and complex buildings. We can deliver ready CAD drawings, point cloud or orthophotos taking into consideration client needs. For instance captured point cloud data can be post-processed to extract items from the data. This can either be presented in traditional form as CAD drawings or used to create 3D models. Whether for building, an apartment, flat, or site, 3D Laser Scanning produces accurate and reliable survey information.

We are more than happy to advise you on the research survey methodology best suited to your project. We work in many sectors that require surveys where a great deal of detail is required to ensure a high level of accuracy properties with complex geometries and high level of detail in high volumes such as historic buildings, infrastructure construction and maintenance, all of the above rely on detailed laser scanning where high level of accuracy can be easy achieve and this way is beneficial on specific site settings, such as surveying detailed historic and heritage buildings.

How accurate 3D laser scanning is depends only on the specifics of the 3D laser scanner and the environment in which the scanning is carried out, but nevertheless an accuracy of 0.002m can be achieved. The risk of exposing surveyors to difficulties in making measurements in inaccessible areas is significantly reduced thanks to the use of laser scanner techniques. Measuring range of up to 300 meters, allows all areas to be measured remotely, with very fast data logging of up to one million points per second (with an accuracy of ± 2 mm).

The advantage is that a huge amount of details can be collected in a short time, which has no negative impact on the accuracy of the measurements. In addition, the laser technology used allows the scanner to work in difficult conditions, e.g. low lighting, without even a minimal impact on the quality of the survey. Laser scanning provides a very large amount of data. Also 3D laser scanning provides customers with a wider range of data collection and software output, in addition to traditional measurement technology that’s why we offer solutions to help ensure our clients maximize the value of their information. In many situations, a single scan will not produce the full, complete object shape. Usually multiple scans, from many different directions, are needed to get information on all pages of a topic. Collected 3D data is useful for a wide variety of applications: 3D wire frame line models, 3D rendered models, True View, Animated visualisations, 3D Revit models, etc.


Point Clouds

By creating and using a point cloud, all the necessary and needed data is within your reach Point clouds are becoming the main tool in the design process, providing a real-world context in which to place existing reference objects or insert new planned models, which helps in measuring jobs, and also provides greater ease and efficiency when performing terrain surveys and building measurements. Does the same job faster while using fewer resources. Now surveyors can create 3D models from point clouds with a laser, scanning the selected environment, the scanner records data points from the surface within it, the work is done.

At this stage, when the point cloud is complete, it is imported into appropriate professional point cloud editing software. The data points will then be modified for better accuracy. We use point cloud modelling to create accurate topography presentations, otherwise it would require a lot of time, effort and money. Even if the project is small, using a scanner to collect the data increases productivity and overall work experience and also saves time. Manual examination of large or small locations may extend the duration of the project and require an increased effort, but modelling the point cloud speeds up the entire process.

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