Topographic Surveys for Development Projects

With over decade of experience in the topographical field, we utilise the latest technology to meet your surveying needs. Upon request, we can employ GPS topographical methods, typically discussed during the initial briefing with our clients.

If you're seeking assistance with your topographic survey needs, we're here to help. Feel free to reach out to us for further discussion.

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    Topographic Surveys from Reliable Surveyors

    Our expertise covers a wide range of topographical surveys, including commercial sites, landscapes, embankments, and residential back gardens.

    Each survey is unique, capturing varying levels of detail—from basic building outlines and land levels to comprehensive features such as kerbs, manhole covers, trees, and furniture. Your specific topographical requirements will be determined during the briefing.

    Point cloud representation of Wimbledon tennis courts, capturing detailed topography and structural features for analysis and visualisation.

    Surveys can be aligned OS levels or, if not necessary, an arbitrary level may be used. We also provide measurements of other structures, including their outlines, ridge, and eave heights.


    Topographic survey showcasing the intricate layout of Wimbledon's tennis court grounds, capturing the terrain and layout with precision.

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    For detailed topographic surveys customised to suit your project’s requirements, feel free to reach out to us at 07541 498105.

    You can also fill out our contact form provided, or send us an email at, and our dedicated team member will promptly get in touch with you to delve into your specific requirements.

    Key Benefits

    Detailed surveys play a pivotal role in project management by providing precise data essential for accurate planning and design. By offering comprehensive topographical information, these surveys enable cost efficiency by preventing unexpected expenses through a clear understanding of site conditions. Moreover, they facilitate informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that every step is backed by reliable and detailed insights.

    Topographic Surveys - FAQs

    • Do I need a Topographical Survey for house extension?

      It is often advisable to get a topographical survey done before building an extension to your house, especially if the extension is significant in size or the site has a complex topography. A topographical survey can provide detailed information about the existing site conditions, which can be valuable information for the design and construction of the extension.

    • Topographical Survey vs. Land survey - differences?

      A topographical survey and a land survey differ in the level of detail and type of information provided, although both provide information about a specific area. A land survey focuses on legal boundaries and property lines, while a topographic survey provides a more detailed picture of the physical features and properties of the land.

    • Why do I need a Topographical Survey for my property or land?

      A topographical survey is essential for anyone who needs to accurately understand the characteristics of a plot of land or property. It provides detailed information about a site's natural and artificial features, including contours, boundaries, and other physical characteristics that can impact the design and development of the site. This information is crucial for planning, design, and construction purposes and can help to avoid costly mistakes and delays by identifying potential issues before work begins.

    • What's the difference between 2D and 3D Topo Surveys?

      A 2D topographical survey captures measurements in two dimensions, providing a flat representation of the land and its features. A 3D topographical survey captures measurements in three dimensions, providing a more detailed and comprehensive representation of the land and its features, including elevations, contours, and surface features. 3D surveys are often used for complex projects that require a high level of accuracy and detail, while 2D surveys are more commonly used for basic site analysis and planning.

    • How accurate are your Topographical Surveys?

      Our topographical surveys are generally conducted with high accuracy. The interval of grid level is often around 3m x 3m or 5m x 5m, but this can be adjusted based on the client's requirements and the level of detail needed for the project. Ultimately, the accuracy of a topographical survey will depend on the level of detail required for the project.

    • How do you conduct a Topographical Survey?

      We conduct a topographical survey using long-range Leica 3d laser scanners to collect detailed data on the shape and features of a site. We take measurements of the land, including elevations and contours, and create a detailed map or model of the area. The data collected is used to accurately represent the site's topography, which can be used for various purposes, such as engineering and construction projects.

    • How long does it take to complete a Topographical Survey?

      The time taken to complete a topographical survey depends on the size and complexity of the site. A small site can be surveyed within an hour, while a bigger or more complex can take much more time to complete. To speed up the work, we always use two laser scanners on the sites.

    • How much does a Topographical Survey cost?

      The cost of a topographical survey depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the site and the type of survey required. To ensure transparent pricing, we split our fees into two parts: one for on-site laser scanning and another for CAD services, which we provide in our office. This approach allows us to provide our clients with a clear understanding of what they are paying for.

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    Why Choose Us for Topographic Survey Services?

    Leveraging years of experience and a track record of delivering precise topographic surveys, we assure you unmatched proficiency and reliability.

    A surveying prism, a tool used in land surveying, positioned for accurate measurement and data collection.

    Comprehensive Services

    We provide a full range of topographic survey services, from initial data capture to detailed analysis and reporting, ensuring all your project needs are met under one roof.

    An alternative perspective focusing on the client's needs, preferences, and goals, guiding decision-making and service delivery.

    Client-Centric Approach

    We prioritise our clients' needs and work closely with them throughout the project, ensuring clear communication, transparency, and satisfaction at every stage.

    Topographic site plan illustrating land contours, features, and measurements.

    Detailed Documentation

    We provide thorough and accurate topographic documentation, including detailed maps and models, to support project planning, design, and construction.