Scan to CAD for Architecture and Construction

Transform your architectural and construction projects with Scan to CAD services. Our cutting-edge 3D scanning technology converts physical spaces into accurate CAD drawings, saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing precision. Discover the benefits of Scan to CAD today!

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Welcome to Scan to CAD for Architecture and Construction

Are you looking to streamline your architectural and construction projects with precision and efficiency? Our Scan to CAD services offer a cutting-edge solution that empowers architects, engineers, and construction professionals to transform physical spaces and structures into accurate digital representations.

What is Scan to CAD for Architecture and Construction?

Scan to CAD is a revolutionary technology that bridges the gap between the physical world and digital design. With 3D scanning technology, we capture the intricate details of existing buildings, structures, or sites and convert them into precise CAD models. This process saves you time, reduces errors, and enables you to make informed decisions throughout the design and construction phases.


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      • Precision

        Our advanced scanning technology ensures that every detail, nook, and cranny of your project is faithfully captured, allowing for precise measurements and analysis.

      • Efficiency

        Say goodbye to time-consuming manual measurements and guesswork. Scan to CAD accelerates the design and planning process, enabling you to meet project deadlines.

      • Cost Savings

        Eliminate costly errors and rework by starting your projects with an accurate digital representation of the existing space.

      • Collaboration

        Share CAD models with team members and stakeholders to facilitate communication and decision-making.

      Our Services

      • 3D Laser Scanning

        We use state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners to capture data with exceptional accuracy, creating a detailed point cloud of the physical space.

      • Point Cloud Processing

        Our experts clean and process point cloud data to eliminate noise and inconsistencies, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

      • CAD Model Creation

        We convert point cloud data into parametric CAD models, allowing architects and engineers to work seamlessly with the existing conditions.

      • 3D Modelling

        If your project involves BIM (Building Information Modelling), we specialise in creating 3D models that integrate seamlessly into your BIM workflow.

      Industries We Serve

      • Architecture

        Architectural firms can benefit from our services by creating precise as-built models for renovations or new designs.

      • Construction

        Construction teams can use our CAD models for planning, clash detection, and site logistics.

      • Real Estate

        Real estate professionals can provide clients with accurate 3D tours and visualisations of properties.

      • Archaeology

        Archaeologists can use laser scanning point cloud data to create highly detailed 3D models of archaeological sites and artifacts, allowing them to analyze and document the physical characteristics and spatial relationships of these objects with unprecedented precision.

      Get Started Today

      Experience the future of architecture and construction with Scan to CAD. Contact us to discuss your project and learn how our services can save you time and resources while enhancing the quality and accuracy of your work.