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Get reliable and precise Roof Plans for your Building Project with our 3D Laser Scanning technology. Our surveys provide 2D CAD Drawings and BIM models, perfect for Architects and Planning purposes. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and learn more about our comprehensive Roof Survey services.

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Reliable Surveys for Detailed Roof Plans

Our professional roof surveys utilise advanced 3D laser scanning and CAD (computer-aided design) software to produce detailed and accurate roof plans. We offer roof plans for any type of building, including residential and commercial properties, to help you make informed decisions about your property.

Roof plans play a crucial role in the construction process. During the design phase, they visually represent the roof’s layout, helping architects, engineers, and builders ensure the top will be structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. In the construction phase, roof plans guide builders, ensuring the roof is built to the correct size, shape, and structural specifications. They also provide crucial safety information, such as the roof’s slope, and help building owners and maintenance personnel identify areas that require maintenance or repairs.

A roof plan is a two-dimensional drawing that represents the layout and design of a building’s roof system. It typically includes the shape and size of the roof, the location and size of roof openings such as skylights and chimneys, the type and location of roofing materials, and the location and size of roof structural elements such as rafters, beams, and trusses.

Roof plans serve a variety of purposes throughout the construction process and beyond. During the design and construction phase, roof plans are used to plan and design the roof system, including the type and location of roofing materials, flashings, and other components. Additionally, building inspectors and roofing contractors use roof plans to evaluate the condition and performance of the roof and identify any current or potential issues.

Transform your Attic with 3D Roof Scanning

Are you planning a renovation, reconstruction or a change in the purpose of your attic? Our roof survey service is here to help. With a precise of your building’s roof scanning, our scanning services ensure that all the essential dimensions of the roof slopes are captured, making it easy to calculate the roof area and estimate the cost of coverage. If you’re considering converting your attic into a residential space, don’t make any final decisions without a thorough survey.

Our service will give you a clear understanding of the actual structure of your roof, avoiding any unnecessary costs and allowing you to adjust your plans to meet the structural requirements. With our roof survey services, you can confidently tackle any attic project. Get started today and make the most of your attic space.

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      What are the Purposes of Roof Drawings?

      • Documentation of Existing Conditions

        Roof survey drawings are used to document the current state of a roof, including its layout, structural elements, materials, and any existing issues. This documentation is crucial for historical reference and to track the roof's

      • Maintenance and Repair Planning

        Roof survey drawings provide detailed information that helps building owners, facility managers, and roofing professionals plan and prioritize maintenance and repair tasks. This includes identifying areas with damage or wear that require attention.

      • Renovation or Replacement Planning

        When considering a roof renovation or replacement, survey drawings help in assessing the feasibility of the project, estimating costs, and developing a clear plan for the work. They provide a foundation for design and construction teams.

      • Compliance with Building Codes

        Roof survey drawings are used to ensure that the roof structure and materials comply with local building codes and regulations, especially if modifications or repairs are planned.

      • Leak Detection and Remediation

        Survey drawings can be used to mark and track the locations of roof leaks or areas with water infiltration. This information aids in the identification and remediation of leaks.

      • Safety Assessments

        Roof survey drawings may be used to evaluate the safety of the roof, including identifying potential hazards or areas that require safety enhancements, such as guardrails or access points.

      • Insurance Claims and Assessments

        In cases of roof damage due to natural disasters or accidents, survey drawings can serve as documentation for insurance claims, helping assess the extent of damage and the associated costs.

      • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

        Roof survey drawings can support energy efficiency initiatives by providing data on the roof's insulation, materials, and solar readiness, which is important when considering energy-efficient or sustainable roofing options.

      • Solar Panel Installation

        For projects involving the installation of solar panels on the roof, survey drawings help assess the layout and capacity of the roof to accommodate solar arrays effectively.

      • Historical Preservation

        In cases where the roof is part of a historically significant building, survey drawings aid in the preservation and restoration efforts by documenting the roof's original design and materials.

      • Facility Management

        Building owners and facility managers use roof survey drawings to keep track of the condition of the roof, plan for ongoing maintenance, and budget for future repairs and replacements.

      • Communication and Collaboration

        Survey drawings facilitate communication and collaboration among various stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners, ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the roof's condition and any planned work.

      The specific purpose of roof survey drawings will depend on the goals of the project and the requirements of the parties involved. These drawings are valuable tools for maintaining, repairing, and enhancing the performance and longevity of a building’s roofing system.

      Comprehensive Roof Survey Drawings for Construction Projects

      • Roof Pitch Analysis

        We provide detailed and precise drawings of the roof plan, including dimensions, roof features, and annotations, helping you with construction and remodeling projects.

      • Roof Area Calculation

        We offer accurate measurement and calculation of the total roof area, helping you with estimations, material requirements, and cost assessments.

      • Roof Drainage Evaluation

        Our survey drawings help evaluate the roof's drainage system, ensuring proper water flow and preventing water damage to the building's structure and interior.

      • Roof Access Planning

        We offer roof drawings for assistance in planning safe and efficient roof access, considering factors such as equipment placement, safety measures, and compliance with regulations.

      • Roof Solar Potential

        We provide plans for designers evaluating the roof's solar potential, considering factors like orientation, shading, and tilt angle to optimise solar panel installation and energy efficiency.

      • Roof Integration Planning

        We offer accurate existing roof drawings for planning rooftop features such as skylights, solar panels, and HVAC systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.

      • Roof Safety Assessment

        We provide comprehensive roof survey drawings for safety assessments, identifying potential hazards, recommending safety measures, and ensuring compliance with relevant safety regulations.

      • Roof Load Capacity Assessment

        Our roof drawings help designers with load-bearing capacity, helping you determine their ability to support additional weight, such as rooftop installations or equipment.

      • Roof Historical Preservation

        We assist in documenting and preserving the historical aspects of the roof, considering restoration or replication methods to maintain its architectural significance.

      • Roof Access Equipment Planning

        Our surveys help in planning and recommending suitable access equipment, such as ladders or roof hatches, to ensure safe and convenient access to the roof.

      • Roof Drainage System Design

        We provide surveying services for companies designing roof drainage systems to ensure efficient water runoff.

      • Roof Ventilation Analysis

        Our surveys are valuable for analysing the roof's ventilation system, ensuring adequate airflow and proper ventilation for the building's occupants and structural integrity.