Measured Survey - We Measure All Types of Buildings

Get accurate CAD drawings for renovation, design, and property assessment with Measured Surveys using 3D Laser Scanning. Our services cater to architects and planning professionals, covering measurements for various building types, including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Grade Listed, and more.

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Measured Survey with 3D Laser Scanning

A measured survey is a type of survey that provides detailed and accurate measurements of a property or building. Measured surveys are often required for a wide range of purposes, such as design and planning, renovation projects, as-built documentation, property management, and more. They provide valuable information that can be used to create detailed plans, drawings, and models of the property, which can be used by architects, engineers, and other professionals in the construction industry. It’s a comprehensive process that involves 3D laser scanners to collect data on various aspects of the property, such as its dimensions, layout, and condition. This information can be used to produce accurate and detailed reports that can be used for planning, design, and legal purposes.

The primary purpose of a measured survey is to provide accurate and detailed information about the building, including its size, shape and location, as well as the location and dimensions of any structures, walls, openings, and architectural details depending on the purpose. The data collected during the survey is then processed and analysed using specialised software to create a digital model or CAD drawings of the property. These models and drawings can be utilised for a wide range of purposes.

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    Comprehensive Measured Survey Services

    • Floor Plan Creation

      We offer accurate and detailed floor plan creation services, providing precise measurements of room dimensions and layout.

    • Interior Spaces

      Our expert team helps in measuring individual rooms and living spaces, ensuring accurate dimensions for interior design purposes.

    • Wall and Ceiling Height Measurments

      Our measured survey services include accurate measurements of window and door openings for replacement or renovation purposes.

    • Room Area Calculation

      We help in calculating room areas, ensuring accurate space utilisation, furniture planning, and compliance with building regulations.

    • Staircase Surveys

      Our team accurately measures staircase dimensions, including tread depth and riser height, ensuring safety and compliance standards.

    • Bathroom and Kitchen

      We offer precise measurement services for bathrooms and kitchens, including layouts, fixtures, and appliances, aiding in renovations.

    • Closet and Storage

      Our measured surveys include detailed measurements of closets and storage spaces, enabling optimized organisation and functionality.

    • Balcony and Terrace

      We provide accurate measurements of balconies and terraces, helping in planning furniture placement and outdoor living arrangements.

    • Garage and Carport Surveys

      We measure garage and carport dimensions, ensuring proper parking space, storage, and accessibility considerations.

    • Utility Room Measurements

      We offer precise measurements for utility rooms, optimizing storage space and facilitating proper placement of utility equipment.

    • Hallway and Corridor Measurments

      Our measured surveys include accurate measurements of hallways and corridors, ensuring efficient traffic flow and accessibility.

    • Outdoor Landscaping Survey

      We provide measurements for outdoor landscaping elements, including gardens and pathways, assisting in design and planning.

    • Roof and Attic Surveys

      Our team accurately measures roof and attic spaces, aiding in renovations, insulation, and ventilation planning and compliance.

    • Structural Surveys

      We offer precise measurements of structural elements, such as beams and columns, helping in building assessment and analysis.

    • Foundation Surveys

      Our measured surveys include accurate foundation measurements, providing insights into structural integrity and foundation repairs.

    • Wall Thickness Measurements

      We provide precise measurements of wall thickness, ensuring compliance with building regulations and assisting in renovation planning.

    • HVAC System Survey

      Our team measures HVAC system components, including vents and ducts, ensuring accurate system assessment and design.

    • Electrical and Plumbing Survey

      We offer accurate measurements of electrical and plumbing fixtures, assisting in placement and installation.

    • Fire Safety System

      Our measured survey services include measurements of fire safety system components, ensuring compliance and optimal placement.

    • Insulation Measurements

      We provide measurements of insulation materials and thickness, aiding in energy efficiency assessment and improvement recommendations.

    • Exterior Cladding Measurements

      We offer accurate measurements of exterior cladding materials and dimensions, aiding in renovation or replacement projects.

    • Exterior Façades

      Our measured surveys include precise measurements of exterior façade elements, helping in design and renovation projects.

    • Swimming Pool Survey

      We provide accurate measurements of swimming pool dimensions, depths, and surrounding areas for construction or renovation planning.

    • Fence and Boundary

      Our team measures property boundaries and fencing dimensions, ensuring accurate property assessment.

    Measured Survey Purposes

    • Historical documentation

      To create detailed records of a historic building or site, which can be used for research and conservation purposes.

    • Design and planning

      Accurate measurements and other information about a building or site can be provided to inform the design and planning of new construction or renovation projects.

    • Building and property management

      For property management purposes, such as lease or sale negotiations, maintenance planning, and asset management.

    • Space planning

      Interior spaces can be surveyed to aid in planning, including determining the best use of space and identifying areas that may require modifications.

    • Interior design

      It can be used to create accurate floor plans and interior elevations of a building to assist with interior design projects, such as selecting furniture and fixtures that fit the space.

    • As-built documentation

      As-built documentation of a building or site for future reference, including construction and maintenance records, can be provided.

    • Structural analysis

      Structural elements, such as beams and columns, and their deformation can be surveyed to aid structural analysis and further assessment.

    • Legal purposes

      To support legal proceedings, such as property disputes and boundary disputes.

    • Energy efficiency assessment

      A measured survey can provide accurate measurements of a building's envelope, including walls, roofs, and windows, to assess energy efficiency and identify potential areas for improvement.

    • Fire safety assessment

      To provide information about the building's fire protection systems, such as the location of emergency exits and fire protection elements, such as alarms and detectors.

    • Planning permission applications

      Measured surveys are often required for planning permission applications, particularly for new builds, extensions, and use changes.

    • Landlord and tenant disputes

      Landlord and tenant disputes to determine the extent of a leasehold property and the terms of a lease..

    • Dilapidations

      In the event of building damage and estimating any repairs or maintenance required

    • Construction and project management

      In construction and project management and schedules.

    • Feasibility studies

      In feasibility studies to assess the viability of a proposed development project.

    • Heritage impact assessments

      To assess the impact of a proposed development on a historic building or site.

    • Marketing

      In real estate marketing materials, especially for luxury or unusual properties.

    • Building control

      To meet the building regulations and standards.

    • Insurance purposes

      To determine a property's value and the insurance coverage required.

    • Property valuation

      Property valuers can use measured surveys to determine the value of a property, particularly for properties that are difficult to value due to their unique characteristics.

    • 3D Modelling and Visualistion

      To create 3D models and visualisations of buildings and properties. These models are useful for architectural presentations, virtual tours, and marketing purposes.