Measured Building Survey with 3D Laser Scanning

Acquire precise CAD drawings for renovation, design, and property assessment via Measured Surveys employing 3D Laser Scanning. Our comprehensive services are customised for architects and planning professionals, encompassing measurements for a diverse range of building types including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Grade Listed, and beyond.

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    Measured Building Survey – Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations

    Maximise Precision with Measured Building Surveys & 3D Laser Scanning. Our state-of-the-art technology meticulously captures property dimensions, layouts, and conditions with unmatched accuracy. Rely on our skilled team for thorough data analysis and extraction, essential for design, renovation, and property management initiatives. We produce precise digital models or CAD drawings that faithfully represent the property’s structure and features and they are invaluable resources for architects, engineers, and other professionals engaged in the planning and design phase.

    CAD Survey Drawings

    Our services include creating precise site plans, floor plans, sections, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, and more. Essential for architectural and structural projects. These plans provide detailed information about the property’s layout, aiding in planning, design, and regulatory approval processes.

    Façade and Elevation Surveys

    We specialise in conducting comprehensive surveys of building facades and interior elevations using 3D laser scanning technology. The detailed drawings produced from these surveys are invaluable for planning, construction, and renovation purposes, ensuring accuracy and precision in design implementation.


    Interior elevation of a heritage door, showcasing its architectural details and historical significance.

    Floor plan of a commercial building depicted in CAD software, generated from point cloud survey data, illustrating layout, dimensions, and spatial organisation.

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    Looking to save on Measured Survey costs?

    Measure your residential building with affordable tools like tape, laser distance measurers, or smartphone apps. Send us your sketches, and we’ll create precise 2D CAD drawings or 3D models. Sketch to CAD conversion ensures accurate, editable digital drawings, shareable in multiple formats. Our team guarantees industry-standard accuracy. Contact us to begin.

    Facade views of buildings in Westminster, London, rendered from point cloud survey data, showcasing architectural details and urban landscape.

    Measured Building Surveys - FAQs

    • Will the surveyor need to access every area of the property?

      Yes, the surveyor may need to access all areas of the property to ensure a comprehensive and accurate survey. Discuss any access concerns with the surveyor beforehand to ensure efficient completion.

    • When is a Measured Survey required?

      A measured survey is essential for major refurbishments, developments, design, quantity surveying, and property valuation. It provides precise information necessary for planning applications and compliance with regulations, helping prevent delays and disputes.

    • Do I need to be present during the Measured Survey?

      No, but you should arrange access for the surveyor to enter all required areas of the property.

    • How long does a Measured Survey take to complete?

      The duration depends on the property's size and complexity. Small properties can be surveyed within a few hours, while larger or more complex properties may take several days.

    • Can Measured Surveys be used for planning?

      A measured survey can be used for planning applications and building projects. The accurate information provided by a measured survey can support planning applications by demonstrating compliance with regulations, providing the necessary information for planning and design purposes, and helping to prevent unnecessary delays and additional costs. In building projects, the survey can provide valuable information to ensure that design and construction plans are accurate and feasible, helping to prevent costly mistakes and disputes.

    • How much does a Measured Survey cost?

      The cost varies based on the property's size, complexity, location, and the level of detail required. Contact us for a customised quote.

    • What does a Measured Survey include?

      It includes accurate measurements for CAD drawings such as site plans, floor plans, elevations, and sections. It may also detail existing structures, features, utilities, levels, dimensions, and materials.

    • What is the output of a Measured Survey?

      The output includes detailed drawings and plans like floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D models in CAD software, saved in DWG and PDF formats.

    • Can a Measured Survey be used for legal purposes?

      Yes, they can be used for legal purposes such as resolving boundary disputes or assessing property values.

    Comprehensive Surveying Solutions
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    Surveying Services Across London & England

    We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional surveying services across London and key regions of England. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and expertise, we are fully prepared to undertake survey projects within these areas. If you have any enquiries or require assistance with your project, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re dedicated to providing the support you need.

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    Why Choose Us for Measured Building Survey Services?

    BDrawing upon the collective knowledge of our adept team and a tradition of excellence in measured building surveys, we pledge unwavering commitment to delivering precise results.

    An image displaying a three-dimensional model of a flat, illustrating the spatial layout, interior design, and furniture arrangement, aiding in visualisation and planning of living spaces.

    High-Resolution 3D Modelling

    We offer high-resolution 3D modelling services as part of our measured building surveys, providing an immersive and detailed representation of your building's structure and features.

    Precision measurement in progress with a 3D laser scanning device.

    Advanced Technology

    We use the latest surveying equipment and software to capture and process data, ensuring the highest quality and most detailed measured building surveys.

    Peter Miko - Surveyor

    Proven Track Record

    With a proven track record of successful projects, we demonstrate our reliability and excellence in every measured building survey we undertake.