Area Referencing Surveys - GEA, GIA, NIA

Accurate area referencing surveys for property owners, tenants, and real estate professionals. Our surveys provide precise measurements of Gross External Area (GEA), Gross Internal Area (GIA), and Net Internal Area (NIA).

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Area Reports – Precise Measurements for Property Evaluation

Area referencing surveys are conducted to accurately measure and document the areas of various spaces within a property or building. These surveys provide essential information for multiple purposes, such as property valuation, leasing, planning applications, property management, and compliance with industry standards. During an area referencing survey, we typically use specialised equipment, including 3d laser scanners and computer-aided design (CAD) software, to ensure precise measurements. We systematically measure and record the areas of different spaces, including rooms, corridors, staircases, common areas, and any other relevant areas within the property.

The accuracy and detail provided by area reports enable property owners, tenants, real estate professionals, and other stakeholders to have reliable and consistent data for decision-making processes. These surveys often adhere to industry standards such as the RICS Code of Measuring Practice and the International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS), ensuring consistency and comparability of measurements across different properties.

Gross External Area (GEA)

The GEA represents the total area of a building, including all external walls. It is commonly used for planning applications, council tax banding, and estimating building costs.

Gross Internal Area (GIA)

The GIA refers to the total area within the internal walls of a building, encompassing all usable spaces estimating building costs, property valuation, rating assessments, and property management.

Net Internal Area (NIA)

The NIA represents the usable area within a building, exclude as walls, corridors, staircases, and service areas. It is commonly used for property valuation, rating assessments, and property management.

Individual Room/Area Measurements

In addition to the broad areas, area referencing surveys measure individual rooms or specific areas within a property. This detailed information is helpful for space planning, lease agreements, and property management.

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