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Your privacy is important to us at Peter Miko Ltd. We recognise the importance of protecting your personal information and take our responsibility very seriously. Our Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information we collect and how we use that information. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or how we handle your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Privacy Policy

    Last update: 8th March 2023

    1. Introduction

    As a surveying company, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our website users and clients. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and protect personal information collected through our website in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    2. Data Controller

    The data controller responsible for the processing of personal data is

    Peter Miko Ltd
    Dalton House
    60 Windsor Avenue

    SW19 2RR
    United Kingdom

    Company No. 11208464

    3. Personal Data Collection and Use

    We may collect and process the following personal information:

    • Name, email address, phone number, and other contact information;
    • Information provided in forms filled out on our website or in person, such as project details, site location, or any additional relevant information;
    • Information collected through cookies or other tracking technologies, such as user IP address and website usage data.

    We use personal data for the following purposes:

    • To provide our surveying services, communicate with clients, and fulfil contractual obligations;
    • To respond to enquiries or requests for information;
    • To improve our website, products, and services;
    • To comply with legal or regulatory requirements.
    • To block malicious and harmful traffic, including spam, to ensure the safety and security of our website and users.

    4. The Third-Party Tracking Applications We Use

    • Google Tag Manager (GTM)

      Google Tag Manager (GTM) can collect various data depending on the tags and tracking codes we add to our website. Some examples of the data that can be collected through GTM include pageview data (such as the URL, title, and timestamp of the pages a user visits), conversion tracking data (such as user actions that lead to a conversion, like a purchase or a form submission), advertising data (such as information about ad impressions, clicks, and conversions), and custom data (which can be tailored to your specific business needs, such as user demographics or behaviour on our website).

    • Google Fonts

      Google Fonts is a service offered by Google that allows us to incorporate various fonts into our website. When a website uses Google Fonts, certain information is automatically gathered by Google. This includes the IP address of the requesting device and the browser type and version when a website requests a font from the Google Fonts service.

      Additionally, Google collects data on how fonts are used, such as the frequency with which a particular font is requested, the type of website on which it is used, and the geographic location of the requesting device. To track and troubleshoot issues with Google Fonts, Google may gather a unique application number from the website utilising the service.

      However, it’s worth noting that Google Fonts does not collect personal information about website visitors, such as their names or email addresses. The information collected is utilised exclusively to improve and maintain the service and for security and diagnostic purposes.

    • Contact Form

      This application enables us to generate contact forms that visitors can utilise to contact us. When a visitor submits an enquiry through the Contact Form, specific information is gathered, including the name and email address of the person submitting the form, their telephone number, and the message or enquiry submitted by the person. The user’s IP address, browser, and device type are also collected.

      It’s important to note that the Contact Form does not gather additional information from the visitor. The data collected is solely used to respond to the visitor’s enquiry. The collected information is not stored in a database but is transmitted via email to our email address.

    • Real Time Visitor Traffic

      Real-Time Visitor Traffic is a web analytics tool enabling us to monitor website visitors in real-time. When a website utilises Real-Time Visitor Traffic, certain information is automatically collected, including the visitor’s device’s IP address and location, based on their IP address or other geolocation data. Technical data about the visitor’s browser, such as the type and version, is also collected.

      Information about the visitor’s arrival at the website is gathered, such as their search terms or the external websites linked to it. Data about the page visitors have viewed on the website and the amount of time spent on it is also collected.

      It’s crucial to note that the data collected by Real-Time Visitor Traffic is anonymous and not personally identifiable. The collected information is used to understand website traffic trends and to enhance the website’s user experience.

    • CleanTalk

      CleanTalk is a security software that safeguards our website from spam and malicious activity. When a website utilises CleanTalk, specific information is collected to detect and prevent spam and other security threats. The data collected may include the visitor’s device’s IP address and technical information about their browser, such as the type and version.

      Information about how the visitor arrived at the website, such as the search terms they used or the external websites linked to it, is also gathered. Furthermore, CleanTalk collects data about visitors’ behaviour on the website, such as the pages they visited and their actions. If a visitor submits a form on the website, CleanTalk may collect their email address to identify and prevent spam.

      It’s important to note that the data collected by CleanTalk is utilised exclusively for security purposes and is not shared with any third-party entities. Additionally, CleanTalk complies with GDPR and other data protection regulations to safeguard the privacy of website visitors.

    • Wordfence

      Wordfence is a security software that protects our website from hacking attempts, malware, and other security threats. When a website utilises Wordfence, certain information is collected to detect and prevent security threats. The data collected may include the IP address of the visitor’s device and technical information about their browser, such as the type and version.

      Information about how the visitor arrived at the website, such as the search terms they used or the external websites linked to it, is also gathered. Furthermore, Wordfence collects visitor behaviour data on the website, such as their visited pages and actions. If a visitor attempts to log in to the website, Wordfence may collect information about the login attempt, such as the username and IP address used.

      Wordfence may also collect information about any malware or security threats detected on the website, including details about the type of threat and how it was seen. It’s important to note that Wordfence uses this data solely to identify and prevent security threats and does not sell or share this information with third parties.

      Moreover, Wordfence adheres to GDPR and other data protection regulations to safeguard the privacy of website visitors. Wordfence also provides a range of security features, such as firewall protection, malware scanning, and login security, to protect websites from security threats.

    • Cookie Notice & Compliance

      The Cookie Notice & Compliance plugin helps us comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. This plugin collects specific data to achieve compliance, including information about the cookies used on the website, such as their name and purpose, and information about the visitor’s consent to using cookies, including the date and time of approval. Additionally, the plugin may collect the visitor’s IP address, technical information about their browser, and how they arrived on the website. It’s important to note that this data is only used to comply with privacy regulations and is not shared with third parties.

    • Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

      Yoast is a company that provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and services for websites. It collects usage information about how you use our website and products, including your browser type, IP address, referring/exit pages, and the dates and times of your visits. They may also collect device information, such as the type of device, operating system, and browser version you use to access our website and services. Yoast uses cookies to track our website usage and to provide a better user experience. These cookies may collect information about browsing behaviour, preferences, and other details.

      As the website owner, we will not use the information collected by the Yoast plugin for any purposes other than those described in this privacy policy. We will not share or sell this information to third parties except as required by law or as necessary to provide the Yoast services on our website.

    5. Other Third-Party Applications We Use

    • Booking Calendar

      Our booking form collects personal information from users when they submit a booking request. This information typically includes the user’s full name, email address, address, phone number, date of reservation, third-party contact details, and any special requests or comments. This information is collected to process and confirm the user’s booking request. We do not use this information for any other purposes nor sell or share it with third parties. We store the information collected through our booking form in a secure database for a short period of service delivery. Then these data are removed permanently. We take reasonable steps to protect this information against unauthorised access or disclosure.

    • Autoptimize

      Autoptimize does not collect any personal information from you as a user. The plugin only contains technical information related to the optimisation process, such as the URLs of the compressed and combined assets, the types of files being optimised, and the performance improvements achieved through optimisation.

      It may also use cookies to store user preferences related to optimisation. These cookies do not collect personal information and are used solely for technical purposes.

    6. Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data

    Our legal basis for processing personal data is one or more of the following:

    • Consent: we obtain explicit consent for the collection and processing of personal data;
    • Contractual: we process personal data to fulfil a contract or agreement;
    • Legal obligation: we process personal data to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

    7. Disclosure of Personal Data

    We may share personal data with third-party service providers, such as IT and marketing, to assist in providing our services. We only share personal data necessary for the service providers and require providers to comply with GDPR.

    We may also disclose personal data to law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, or other third parties if required by law or to protect our legal rights.

    8. Data Retention

    We will only retain personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law. We will securely delete or anonymise personal data once it is no longer needed.

    9. Data Subject Rights

    Data subjects have the following rights regarding their data:

    • Right to access and obtain a copy of personal data;
    • Right to rectify inaccurate or incomplete personal data;
    • Right to erasure of personal data;
    • Right to restrict processing of personal data;
    • Right to object to the processing of personal data;
    • Right to data portability.

    To exercise any of these rights, data subjects, please get in touch with us.

    10. Security Measures

    We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss, or damage. We regularly review and update our security procedures to ensure the highest level of protection.

    11. Links to Other Websites

    Our website may contain links to external websites that we do not operate. You will be directed to that external site if you click on a third-party link. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for any third-party sites or services’ content, privacy policies, or practices. We strongly advise you to review every external site’s privacy policy. We have no control over, and cannot be held responsible for, these external sites’ privacy practices or content.

    12. Children’s Privacy

    Our website does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13. If you are a parent or guardian and you know that your child has provided us with personal information, please get in touch with us immediately so we can remove that information from our servers.

    13. Changes to our Privacy Policy

    We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy as needed. We will notify website users of any material changes by posting the revised Privacy Policy on our website.

    14. Contact Us

    If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or the processing of your data, please get in touch with us.