Peter Miko

Key Skills

  1. Design of Steel Structures 80%
  2. Design of Timber Structures 70%
  3. Construction Site Managment 70%
  4. Steel Detailing 80%
  5. Measured Building Surveys 100%
  6. Land Surveying 80%
  7. Architecture 60%
  8. Photography 80%
  9. Computer-Aided Design 90%

Peter Miko is Master of Science Engineer in Civil Engineering, Majoring in Maintenance, Repairing and Modernisation of Buildings. He is the founder of Peter Miko Ltd. He started his professional activity from the beginning of his studies. While he was studying at the Lodz University of Technology in Poland, he collected a valuable experience gained from working in the construction industry where he designed new steel structures and worked on maintenance, repairs and modernisation as well as developing new ways of using existing residential buildings. Over time, to be more flexible Peter needed own services tailored to the needs of his customers from the local market. His surveying and architectural services gave him the opportunity to be happier and work everywhere where he needs.

In 2014, Peter decided to move his business to London, and for four years, he has been serving domestic clients, providing them with accurate survey drawings.

Peter also is passionate about photography, portrait, sports, property and gigapixel photographer, plane spotting enthusiast, Old English sheepdog lover, Cambridgeshire resident and always a busy perfectionist.

Shoot him a quick email and find out how he can work with you to secure planning permission so that your building or renovation project may go ahead.